The Stryde Solution

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stryde?

Stryde is the game changing answer to every professional consultant (see most common industries below) that works with or desires to start working with businesses and business owners and needs a quantifiable differentiating factor to rise above their competition.

Do I need to currently work with businesses and or business owners to be successful with Stryde?

Absolutely not. Every single week for over a decade we have had associates join us on our weekly national call and tell their story about how Stryde got them their first business/business owner client and has exploded their business since. Naturally, if you are already working with businesses/business owners then it will just be that much easier for you.

How long does it take to get up and running?

Our system is turn-key in nature. We have had countless new advisors submit their first piece of business within an hour of registering with Stryde and putting our APP on their phone/tablet/computer. We provide comprehensive training that affords all the opportunity for immediate success with absolutely no long-term learning curve.

I’ve never had any experience with some of these topics. How do I get up to speed and what support do you offer?

After over a decade and a half of working with associates, we have developed the most advanced initiation, mentoring and support platform in all of professional services. Upon registering for Stryde, you will immediately receive instructions for the uploading of our app which our Presentation Pro software is housed. This software is the most prolific survey / presentation / closing and document collection tool in existence and does all the heavy lifting for you. With 1 hour of training you will be ready to start running the software effectively and close business. Following that, there is regular (weekly) ongoing training on marketing, services, market trends and many other relevant topics as well as a weekly national call wherein you get to hear from new advisors every single week as they describe their successes with Stryde and what they doing to realize them. Finally, we have Team Leaders that are available for personal mentoring and a very comprehensive Support Department who stand ready to address needs via real time chat, email or phone.

What does it cost to join Stryde and what do I get for that expense?

The Stryde membership is $99 per month with no long term commitment (month to month). When you activate your Stryde membership you receive the following:
  • Stryde App (Presentation Pro Software)
  • Portal (real time, comprehensive client management, case progress and documentation tool)
  • Customized Website
  • Automated Client Acquisition Tool
  • Dedicated Closing Team
  • Hub (online resource center)
  • -Dedicated Support Staff
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